Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of May 22, by the Cut

Early in the morning on Sunday, May 21, the sun left Taurus and entered smart, sociable Gemini. Although Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus are still grounding us in sensual Taurus, the sun now creates space for you to worry less and put yourself out there more. During Gemini season, you won’t find what you’re looking for by sticking to what’s comfortable and familiar. You have to risk making mistakes, saying the wrong thing, seeming silly. This is how your world grows bigger, livelier, and more vibrant in the next month. Let your curiosity be your guide.

One of your great strengths is your refusal to settle. If you’re not being treated right, be it at work or in a personal relationship, you won’t wait around hoping for change. You take matters into your own hands. You go to bat for yourself and for the life you want. If you have to, you’ll build it yourself. This week, there will be plenty of fights worth jumping into. Just be careful not to turn that fierce, combative energy against the people you love. They’re not perfect (and neither are you, it should be noted), but that doesn’t mean they’re not on your side.

You know what you want … or, at the very least, you’re self-aware enough to know when you don’t want what you’ve got. But that doesn’t mean you know how to make it happen. You’ve got all this desire and nothing to do with it. You don’t know how to stop feeling so stuck. This week, though, the universe is offering you a chance to get out of the rut you’ve been in or to get out of your own way. You’re not someone who likes to throw things at the wall just to see what sticks, but give it a try. Experiment, get weird. You deserve to have fun.

For a long time now, you’ve been hungry for a fresh start, eager to enter a new phase. This week, you may finally get your wish. Life is full of beginnings and endings, and this won’t be the last or the biggest one you face. It is special, though. You’ve made it through difficult times and come out on the other side stronger, more vital, and more yourself than you’ve been in a long time — even if there are parts of the journey you’re still coming to terms with. After pushing so hard to make things happen and advance your story, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful new landscape stretching out in front of you for a while.

Lately, you’ve been trapped by a sense of inevitability, a feeling that the future — your own and our collective one — has already been decided. That makes it hard to get motivated. If the outcome is out of your hands, why bother trying? This week, though, all that changes. People will surprise you. Nothing will turn out as you predict. If you’ve begun to fear that nothing truly wonderful is possible anymore, the universe will prove you wrong. The future you thought had slipped out of reach is attainable.

It’s painful for you to be underestimated or misunderstood, not just disappointing or frustrating — excruciating. So you’ve worked hard to be perceived just the way you want, whether by carefully constructing a professional image or committing to your role in the friend group. The trouble is that after all that effort, you may find you feel boxed in, stuck playing a part that doesn’t reflect the entirety of who you are. This week, give yourself permission to break character, to show off the sides of yourself that don’t obviously mesh with the rest. The vulnerability won’t make you weak. It’ll energize you.

Once you get caught in a spiral of self-doubt, it can feel nearly impossible to extricate yourself. Suddenly, you’re ashamed of your actions, embarrassed by your words and desires. Your friends encourage you to love yourself, but when you’re deep into your shame, that doesn’t work. What does work for you is focusing on loving other people, enjoying their company, seeing the best in them. When you believe others are worthy of your care and attention, gradually you’ll come to remember that you are too.

You’re excellent at reading people, at matching their energy and being (or at least appearing to them as) exactly who they want you to be. But just because you can make yourself likable to virtually anyone, that doesn’t mean you have to. Sometimes, the best social experiences aren’t the frictionless ones — they’re the ones that generate a spark. So this week, assert yourself. Don’t worry about making other people like you. Focus on being authentic. Give others a chance to match your energy for a change.

Even when others don’t recognize your potential, you know it’s there. Whether or not they notice your smarts and victories, you do. And most of the time, that knowledge is enough to sustain you. But occasionally, you find yourself craving support or validation. It can feel undignified to ask for attention, but this week, go for it. Don’t downplay your skills and achievements. You’re brilliant, and you deserve to be seen.

When the world around you grows dull or demanding, your inner world can begin to seem dreary too. Your job, your household to-do list, or your most stressful relationships take up all your energy. Without time for daydreaming, you feel like your brain isn’t fully on, like you’ve lost your shine. And to an extent, you have. But you’re still cool and creative, and you have good ideas and are exciting to be around. This week, you can finally believe it again.

You know there are no shortcuts when it comes to what matters most in life. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way, through experience. Instant gratification rings hollow to you, so you take your time. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to get ahead of yourself, to let enthusiasm carry you away. This week, when inspiration strikes, rush through that first draft you’ve been procrastinating on waiting for the “right moment.” You’ll have plenty of time to edit later, to improve it. Take a leap of faith knowing that these aren’t final steps. It’s only the beginning.

You sometimes wish you were a little less sharp. It’s hard to simply be when you’re constantly taking in the world around you, assessing what could be improved, and dreaming up new ways of doing things. There’s an inherent hopefulness to your approach, yet it often leaves you frustrated. This week, it’ll help to get out of your head. Talk through your ideas with other people. And don’t limit yourself to ideas — take action in your own small corner of the world. Use your power.

Your love life (or lack thereof) has been a challenge for you recently. You don’t know what you want, much less how to get it once you do. Your needs are simple and clear enough to you; you can’t understand why it’s so challenging to express them in a way others understand. This week, at last, the loneliness will lift, at least a bit. Tension will give way to ease. It’s not that everything you want will happen all at once, but you’ll get a break. You’ll see a way forward.

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