Princess Hairstyles: The 9 Most Charming Ideas

#1: Polished Princess

Some princess hairstyles are simple and glam, just like this one.

#2: Braided Princess

These lovely side braids flow from the front crown towards the back into a low twisted updo.

#3: Princess Aurora

This princess hairstyle shows texture, shows off length, but still has a lot of detail. It’s “half up” but still has a lot of fullness and detail.

Your hair has to be very long and has to have long layers so that nothing sticks out of the ponytail. It’s a beautiful way to show off your length, is simple from the front, but has a lot of romantic detail in the back.

#4: Crowning Glory

What I love about this princess style is the versatility of being able to manipulate it as the event progresses.

Go for a romantic, soft yet natural look to accompany your personality. You can wear it for a glamorous evening princess hair style, or with slight changes, it could also be a day style.

Any hair type and length can have hairstyles for crowns. From a shoulder-length to long hair, it will look different for every woman. Blow-dry the hair smoothly first and add some volume to the top section. You can add some Keune mousse to get very silky hair and to help with the hold.

For this princess hair, Babyliss Pro 25mm curling tong was used, as well as the Kuene hairspray. The Kuene volumizing powder also helps to gain volume in the front section.

Never spray the hairspray too close to the hair, as it will make the hair wet and will form frizzy curls. Always spray away from the hair and in small bursts. Spray, let dry, then spray again.

#5: Belle of the Ball

This princess hairdo as soft, loose and romantic.

Consider your hair type and length before going for princess hairstyles. You may want some extensions to add length and “bulk” to the bun. If your hair tends to be coarse, you may want to blow dry smooth first using some oil and/or smoothing balm before curling with a curling iron.

#6: Royal Waves Hairstyle

These princess tresses are a very soft and wearable Hollywood wave, which can be adjusted to suit every hair type and face shape. When creating this style on brides, an instant wow factor is created.

Hair preparation is key to this princess hairstyle. Start with a good blow dry, then pin curl your hair and allow it to set for as long as you can.

Also, consider a slightly stronger side part than you may normally wear for a more striking finished princess haircut.

If your hair is fine to medium, or you need more length, then add hair extensions, as they add volume, which creates a much more defined and glamorous curl.

Create a beautiful shine by running through a couple of drops of Moroccan oil at the end.

#7: Tiara of Twists Princess Hairstyle

This half up, half down princess hairstyle is wispy and romantic.

This princess hair cut can work for any hair texture and for most hair lengths.

This style can work for any hair texture as long as you use the right products. Women with fine hair should use a texture spray to help apply grit to the hair. A good working hairspray will give it hold without being too heavy.

It is best to curl your hair prior to starting the updo. Curl the entire head, away from the face. Tt makes it easier to work with!

#8: Boho Bubble Braid for a Princess

This princess hair is a boho bubble braid. These princess braids are simple to style.

If you’re going for royal hairstyles like this, don’t worry about getting it perfect. It’s a messy style, and there’s beauty in imperfection. Embrace the messy undone vibe.

#9: Soft & Undone Princess Curls

These princess curls are soft, textured, and undone, yet very versatile as it can be dressed up or worn more casually.

There is so much going on and flowing throughout the princess hairstyle.

This royal hairstyle would suit a woman with a youthful style. It’s very undone and effortless looking with no harsh lines or shapes. It’s a very soft and feminine cut.

Use a texturizing spray to add a more workable matte and undone texture, and finish with a light hairspray to finish and hold. This style would look great for a ball or wedding, however can be dressed down for a gig or party by adding cool hair accessories.