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As the gilded pageantry of King Charles III’s coronation approaches, we’re taking a look at the astrological compatibility betwixt the man, the myth, the monarch and his controversial Queen, Camilla Parker Bowles.

A high stakes, high drama pair from the get go; this one spans half a century, three marriages, one very public affair and the PR nightmare turned romantic rebrand that followed.

The love story began in the summer of 1971 when the two twenty-something equestrians and fellow water signs were first introduced. Saddles shone, collars popped and sparks flew. Young, feather haired Camilla would go on to marry Andrew Parker Bowles two years later while a love sick Charles was out at sea. Upon hearing the news he penned this very, very Scorpio sentiment to his uncle, writing, “I suppose the feeling of emptiness will pass eventually.” And eventually, after much turmoil, tragedy and tampon controrversy, it did.

Charles wed Princess Diana in 1981 with Camilla attending their wedding (yikes). C and D would divorce eleven years later amid allegations that Charles had carried on an affair with Camilla throughout his marriage. A phone conversation between the clandestine lovers was released and the world cringed in unison as Charles expressed his earnest desire to “live in Camilla’s trousers.” Lord of mercy.

After the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997 the public was none to pleased to see Camilla back on the scene and on the arm of the prince. Nevertheless, the lovers persisted, went full court press with their PR and finally tied the knot and in a civil ceremony in 2005.

From mistress to Mrs. how did the stars incline and inform this royal union? Read on to learn more.

Wedded water

Big hats, big feels for this pair of water signs.

King Charles III was born November 14, 1948 making our man a power conscious Scorpio sun with a decadent, potato heart Taurus moon. Camilla, born July 17, 1947 has her sun, moon, Mercury and Venus all in the cardinal waters of Cancer.

Wow and yikes are both appropriate responses here.

When it comes to love, Cancer is the most nostalgic sign in the zodiac and Scorpio sinks in deep and won’t let go. With this in mind we can begin to see how and why these two kept returning to each other. Cancer is ruled by the moon and linked to the divine feminine and the archetype of the mother.

With all the pronounced Cancer energy in Camilla’s chart we can infer that she’s a maternal type who may give Charles the kind of nurturing and attention denied to him by his stoic, oft absent Taurus mum.

Freud 101, folks, exemplified by Chuck’s famed Tampongate ‘let me live in your pants’ scandal. Interestingly, Charles’s ex wife, the late Princess Diana was also a Cancer sun. All of Camilla’s Cancer placements are clustered in the twelfth house of the unseen and the unconscious so while Cam Cam might read to others and certainly to her step-son Prince Harry as off putting at best and villainous at worst, she likely keeps her true capacity for care a closeted affair.

When they were young; Charles and Camilla pictured in 1979.
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

When it comes to love, Cancer is the most nostalgic sign in the zodiac and Scorpio sinks in and won’t let go. With this in mind we can begin to see how and why these two kept returning to one another.

The concentration of energy in her twelfth house, particularly her Venus also speaks to the clandestine nature of her lifelong entanglement with Charles. The twelfth house is the hidden house of secrets and self undoing and creeping around as kink. Tracks.

Both Camilla and Charles have their suns in water signs. Elemental synergy is not everything when it comes to astrological compatibility but it does allow for a certain understanding between partners, a similar place of origin or head waters if you will.

Water signs receive and respond to the world in a heightened and intuitive manner, and Charles and Camilla’s sun signs form a high shine, rainbows and kitten trine. The attraction between these two was instant, irrefutable and enduring. Both parties are deeply emotional and easily wounded yet it would seem neither knows or wants to publicly reveal that side of themselves.

Camilla because of her twelfth house placements, Charles because of the pressure to publicly perform a visage of impenetrable strength and both because they are blue blood WASPS who are indoctrinated in repression and maintaining appearances.

New York Post readers also love:

A well aspected, karmically bound power couple

Then-Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles at a polo match in July 1975.

Cancers are often characterized as overtly sensitive and somewhat ‘soft.’ Do not, I repeat do not, believe this bull—t. Cancers are claw your way to the top, side step defeat and survive out of pure spite and their unshakable determination to prove others wrong. Courtney Love is a Cancer, folks.

The sensitivity part is real but crabs tend to recognize that quality about themselves early on and take measures to steel and protect their soft underbellies from emotional attacks. It take a thick skin to make it in this world and Cancer comes correct with an exoskeleton. As the former Vanity Fair editor, Tina Brown told Page Six: “Camilla’s is the greatest image rehab in history. She deserves a crown just for toughing it out.”

Charles’s Venus planet of love and attachment is conjunct Neptune, planet of fantasy, delusion and romantic ideals. This aspect suggests HRH Chuck was always about a fairy tale romance and the striving, determined nature of his fixed placements saw to it that at last, he got what he wanted.

Charles’s Venus also forms an interesting sextile with Pluto, planet of sex, death and regeneration; this aspect indicates a little Hades of the heart energy, a person who wants challenge, likes drama, craves intensity and truly wants to consume and be consumed by love. In Charles we have a real goth leaning, poetry in the graveyard, til death and evermore, black lace, locks of hair huffing romantic.

Camilla’s Jupiter rubs up against Charles’s sun. Jupiter is the planet of expansion that gilds and grows all that it touches and this friendly friction suggests that Camilla makes Charles feel a bit better than he is and because the sun in astrology is the legit “king” there is the implication that Camilla makes Charles feel full, fierce and capable in a way he is unable to actualize on his own. Serious hype man, roll dog, gas up, love anchor energy.

Closing circles, cauterizing wounds

True blue; these two have serious star chemistry and staying power.
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Interestingly, Charles’s south node of karmic debt is conjunct Camilla’s Chiron, the point in the birth chart that speaks to inherited pains and original wounds.

This conjunction suggests Cam and Chuck were drawn, nee magnetized, to one another because of a deep need for karmic closure.

To paraphrase Bram Stoker, they have “crossed oceans of time to be together,” and the need to complete whatever soul contract, sex magic pact they began in the distant past compelled them to defy tradition, expectation and the laws of decency all in the name of love.

We bow not to a coronated king, but to the continued reign of a complex romance.

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