Gut Check: Are All Yogurts Created Equal?

People have been eating yogurt for thousands of years, since ancient cultures learned how to ferment milk for the sake of preservation. Indian ayurvedic scripts from around 6,000 B.C. mention the health benefits of yogurt. Nowadays, instead of carrying milk in animal skins in order to create an environment that’s conducive to bacterial grow, we can shop for any number of yogurt options at the grocery store — from plain whole milk yogurt, to creamy Greek-style, tangy kefir, and even dairy-free nut and oat-gurts.

Jessica Sylvester, RD, founder of FL Nutrition Group and a media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says all yogurts can have a place in your diet, whether it’s your daily breakfast or a treat for dessert. Choosing what yogurt to eat when requires considering your own body’s needs.

“Any health condition you have should direct your food choices,” says Sylvester. “For instance, if you have cardiovascular disease, you shouldn’t have whole fat yogurt.”

But what about when it comes to your gut health? Yogurt is touted for containing probiotics, which are good for your gut. So when it comes to your gut health, is no-sugar-added plain Greek yogurt the same as caramel flavored whole milk yogurt with candy crunch or vanilla cashew-gurt?

2023-03-15 23:43:12