Flavio Manzoni on the new Ferrari Purosangue

The new Ferrari Purosangue has shaken up the sports car market. A controversial late entry into the luxury SUV/crossover segment, the  car marks a departure for the brand and a challenge for the man who led the team that designed it, Flavio Manzoni. We spoke to the company’s design chief about the process. 

Flavio Manzoni on the Ferrari Purosangue

Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari

(Image credit: Ferrari)

Wallpaper*: How did the design team approach the brief for the Ferrari Purosangue? 

Flavio Manzoni: When we started the project, we had many discussions of how to do a Ferrari with these characteristics. It was a positive challenge – a way to express our identity in a completely new typology of car. First, we wanted to make a Ferrari, not an SUV. A Ferrari with practicality and space and a panoramic interior. Perhaps some team members were not completely convinced at the start – they thought it might break certain rules about our history. But I didn’t have any fear of making this car.

Ferrari Purosangue from above

(Image credit: Ferrari)

W*: Are there set rules of Ferrari design? 

2023-03-11 10:52:55