Best weapons for Mika in Genshin Impact

Mika is a Cryo support with a unique combat style in Genshin Impact. He uses a polearm as his main weapon, but also wields a crossbow.

Be reassured: you will only need to equip him with a Polearm. Crossbows don’t exist as weapon items in the game, and it’s only shown in his combat animations.

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Mika features buffs that scale on his maximum HP, and gives Physical damage increases that favor full physical team compositions. Those criteria are vital to determine which build is best on Mika. It also depends on which role you want him to take in his team between pure healer, buffer, or even main DPS.

In addition, the stats you want to enhance using his gear will change based on the Constellations you get on him. Constellation levels are unlocked when you pull duplicate Mika in Event Wishes. If you get up to C4, Mika will gain more Energy Recharge, so you won’t need it as much on weapons. If that’s the case, prioritize HP percent gain (for more heal).

Here are the best Genshin weapons on Mika, taking those elements into consideration.

Best weapons for Mika in Genshin Impact

The weapon is the element of Mika’s gear that will feature the most aggressive stats. Generally, players will focus on HP or healing in his artifacts, so most of his Attack will certainly be increased by his weapons.

Best five-star polearms for Mika in Genshin Impact

The best weapons in Genshin Impact are five-star ones. Most of them are quite challenging to get, however, since they generally are only available in banners where you have to Wish for them. Here are the best five-star weapons for Mika in Genshin Impact.

Staff of Homa

You can choose this if you want to play Mika as a buffer rather than a pure healer because it gives critical damage as an additional stat, while increasing HP percent as passive.

The Staff of Homa can also be used if you’re willing to put effort into gearing up Mika as the main DPS in your team, thanks to the critical damage.

The weapon is only obtainable in special banners. It was swapped out after Patch 3.4, so players will have to wait for quite a long time before seeing it again.

Staff of the Scarlet Sands

The Staff of the Scarlet Sands gives decent critical rate as a bonus, so it’s very good for Mika if you’re willing to play him as main DPS, or if you plan to keep him on the field and you’ve reached C4.

Skyward Spine

This is also a decent weapon for Mika for the Energy Recharge it grants. It also grants attack speed, increasing the same buff Mika grants with his Elemental Skill. Swap this out if you reach C4 with him.

Best four-star polearms for Mika in Genshin Impact

If you’re a beginner or you’re not willing to invest as many resources on gearing up Mika compared to other characters, four-star weapons can be good compromises if you’re managing to get them refined. Here are the best four-star weapons for the Cryo support.

Keep in mind that the Deathmatch, a polearm you can get when buying a battle pass works on Mika, as for every other Polearm user. It’s very good for him as a main DPS, or even healer with its HP percent increase.

Favonius Lance

The Favonius Lance is the go-to choice for supports, generally, thanks to the passive that reduces the amount of Energy needed to charge up skills, in addition to granting great Energy Recharge. If you take this weapon, you’ll need to build a bit of Crit Rate to maximize its potential. You’ll need around 30 percent.

It’s obtainable only via Wishes. Fortunately, it’s featured in weapon banners very often. On March 21, it’ll come back alongside the release of Mika in Shenhe and Kamisato Ayaka’s banners. You’ll be able to get it via the Epitome Invocation.

Prototype Starglitter

If you want to build Mika as a buffer and need more Energy Recharge, but don’t have the Staff of Homa, you can use the Prototype Starglitter instead. It grants Energy Recharge as the main stat and is easily crafted. To craft a Prototype Starglitter, you simply need a Northlander Polearm Billet, Crystal Chunks, and White Iron Chunks.

Free-to-play weapon for Mika

There are free-to-play weapons that are also very good on Mika. Since they’re easy to refine and level up, they might even be better than four-star or five-star ones when you’re still stuck on low levels with them.

Black Tassel

You can get this weapon whenever you wish using the Standard Banner, or in random chests. It’s very easy to get and refine. The weapon is not ideal because of its niche passive (more damage dealt to Slimes), but it gives decent HP percent increase. This weapon can be used, more generally, on support characters whose abilities scale on max HP.

White Tassel

This is a viable choice if you want to play Mika as main DPS. Like the opposite Tassel, it’s obtainable through wishes and random chests as well. It’s strong due to the Critical Rate substat, and the physical damage increase, which suits Mika’s overall playstyle and synergy with other characters.

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