9 Cutest Wispy Bangs on Long Hair to Revamp Your Style

#1: See-Through Bangs for Long Thin Hair

See-through bangs for long, thin hair will add lightness and texture to your long locks! If you’re tired of your one-length hair then ask your stylist for some light bangs. Don’t forget the hairspray to lock your style in all day.

#2: Brunette Balayage on Long Hair

Consider adding a brunette balayage to your long hair if you’re looking to take your hair up a notch. Even the wispiest pieces of balayage can elevate your color. Pulling all your hair in front of your shoulders, then adding lighter pieces, allows you to see the lightness in the way you wear your hair. If you’re needing to wear your hair a different way, have your stylist add lightness for that style too.

#3: Coppery Long Layers and See-Through Fringe

This season’s most requested color is a coppery hue. If pairing it with a haircut, long layers and see-through fringe is a great style. A bit of a routine change is beneficial to make this color last longer with vibrancy and health. Pay attention to the dos and don’ts recommended like salon maintenance and home care.

#4: Long Blonde Balayage with See-Through Fringe

Consider a long blonde balayage with see-through bangs if you want some texture and dimension in your hair. The beautiful color combination really makes the hair stand out. Styling your hair with some texture products will really showcase your locks!

#5: Wispy Bangs and Big Voluminous Waves

Wispy bangs and big voluminous waves will make anyone turn their head to look! Women are loving wispy bangs for long blonde hair. Style your hair with waves and brush them out to show off that gorgeous volume.

#6: Long Light Brown Octopus Cut with Bangs

An octopus cut with bangs has a silhouette that is beneficial to wavy texture. Be aware of the type of density you have though, as the over-layering could make or break this style for you. Long light brown hair pairs beautifully with this haircut. It adds a subtle touch to the overall flirty style.

#7: Soft Full Bangs for Long Thick Hair

Try soft full bangs for long thick hair. It’s the perfect way to soften up your wispy bangs for a long hair style. Brow-length bangs on a long cut will emphasize your cheekbones and you will feel lifted!

#8: Thin Blunt Fringe on Highlighted Hair

A thin blunt fringe on highlighted hair will add some sass to your hair. Try a blunt cut on your longer hair. The cut with the color will make the dimension and texture pop!

#9: Piece-y Bangs on Long Thin Hair

Try piece-y bangs on long thin hair if you’re longing for the appearance of fuller hair. Long brown hair with wispy bangs on a wispy cut is all you need! Brush out some waves for some added volume.